About Hainesville Baptist Church

Hainesville Baptist Church is a body of believers committed to the Truth of the Holy Scriptures and the individual salvation that is accessible to all through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have been a part of this East Texas community since 1897 and remain continually amazed at how God is growing this church and blessing us as His adopted children. Our goal is to glorify God, build His church through the study of Scripture, worship, fellowship and prayer, and be energized by the strength of the Holy Spirit, as we are undergirded by Jesus Christ Himself.

As we continually seek to recognize what God wants to do with this church, we reaffirm the very basic reality of the church. Hainesville Baptist Church is here to glorify God until Jesus returns.

Please join us as we love our Almighty God and love one another, in His Name, through Jesus Christ.

–Bro. Terry Davis