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Hainesville Baptist Church is a praying community of believers. We believe in the power of prayer. Please let us know how we may pray for you – and join us in lifting up the prayer concerns already listed.

“Do not be anxious or worried about anything, but in everything [every circumstance and situation] by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, continue to make your [specific] requests known to God..” – Philippians 4:6

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Bro. Ken's Ss Class 4/18/21

Cont. Prayers for Harold and Kelly Willis. He is doing really good. Prayers for Pastor Babu and his pastor friend who was imprisoned and his mother was murdered for their religious beliefs. Prayers for Terry Fike who is having serious health issues. Prayers for Jody Davis’ brother, Billy who has serious heart issues and basically is slowly dying from it. Pray for Marylou’s daughter in Houston who is facing difficulties.

Berean's Sunday School Class 4-18-21

Please pray for Pastor Nani who lost his mother in an attack on their orphanage in India; Denise’s friend Paula, who is now alone after her son Cody moved to a care facility; Denise’s dad’s former co-worker, who has COVID; Denise’s school friend, Tony, and his family, grieving his son’s murder; Harold and Kelly, in Dallas with continued treatments and in recovery; Pat and Conley, recovering from stroke complications at home; Warren and Kim’s son, Clayton, direction and protection; George’s work friend, D., grieving the loss of his mom; Guy, struggles; Colt and Eden, next phase in life decisions; Sharon, stress, overwork and starting a ladies’ group; Joey’s son, Nick, MIA; Joey’s son and pregnant daughter-in-law, Jack and Danieja, COVID quarantine and return trip home; Joey’s upcoming surgery tests and insurance company approval; Anna’s recovery from surgery at home; All the lost and unspoken requests. Praise God for Alayana’s niece’s newborn baby, her and George’s A/C being fixed and their car about to be fixed this week; new members joining our church; Brother Terry’s excellent teaching and our excellent music program.

Wednesday 4-14-21

Please pray for Anna’s upcoming gall bladder surgery; John and Pam life struggles; Robyn’s son, Guy, to grow in faith; Junior, now hospicing at home and Marjorie’s recent illness; Jeff and Linda, caretaking for Junior & Marjorie; Harold’s continued recovery and progress after transplant; Sharon, overtaxed, stressed out and now severely damaged her truck; Conley’s struggles recovering from stroke and Pat’s caretaking; Grace Life Church in Canada, under persecution; Joey’s son, Jack and Jack’s pregnant wife, Danijela, in COVID quarantine overseas; unspoken requests. Praise God for Peggy and David’s son completing Marine Corps basic training; God’s continued provision; Our praying church and Brother Terry’s inspired teaching.

Bro. Ken's Ss 4/11/21

Cont. prayers for Carol Minyard’s nephew Glen Dean’s, not doing well with chemo treatments. Stephanie’s grandmother, Dorothy, suffered several injuries from fall. Prayers for healing for her. Prayers of healing for Pam Harrison, friend of Becky Keefer, who has cancer. Continued prayers for Junior and Margie Willis. Praises for Harold Willis. He is doing well.

Bereans Sunday School Class 4-11-21

Please pray for Storey and her son Noble, who is being placed in a care facility; Anneice, life challenges; Terry and Janeye, caring for Wanda with cancer and dementia; Kay Hinds, grieving loss of Ben and self-caring; Brandon, gout and taken ER; Croley family challenges; Vicki, Misti’s friend, with brain bleed in critical care and her concerned family; Tracy’s mom, Ann, with macular degeneration, stomach trouble, weight loss; Pastor Coats in Canada, persecution; Conley, disabled and Pat, care-taking; Alayana, working on short staff in need of help; George and Alayana, car and A/C troubles; Joey’s son, Jack and his pregnant wife, Danijela, quarantined with COVID; The Truckeys, missionary friends of Joey and Sharon, getting ready to ship out to harvest; Joey’s friend, James P. and his wife Diana, dealing with James’ cancer; Joey’s friend, Matt V., struggling with cancer and his faith; Sharon, ministry opportunity and maintaining quality standards in work and dealing with stress; Anna’s upcoming gall bladder surgery this Friday; All the lost; Our misguided nation. Praise God for Harold’s improving condition and George’s mom feeling better.

Wednesday Service 4-7-21

Please pray for the Ruelson family grieving loss of family member; Junior who is withdrawing and suffering from UTI, ecoli and low oxygen; Marjorie who is having bad days; Linda and Jeff’s neighbor family grieving the loss of a family member; Becky’s friend, Pam, bone cancer; Carol’s nephew, Glen, on chemo, deteriorating and lost; the Dimsdell family, grieving loss of Betty; Terry and Janeye, caring for Wanda and liquidating her estate; Our nation and leaders; Unspoken requests. Praise God for Linda’s back pain relief; Harold’s marked improvement after transplant; our freedom to gather and worship; Brother Terry’s excellent teaching; Our praying church; Springtime!

Berean's Sunday School Class 4-4-21

Please pray for Colt’s grandfather, Gary, bone cancer; Harold’s reactions to cancer treatment and Kelly’s care-taking; Conley’s home recovery and Pat’s care-taking; The Dimsdell family, grieving loss of Betty; Terry and Janeye caring for Wanda, who has cancer and dementia; George’s mom, heart trouble; The James Parker family, caring for James with cancer; Carol’s friend Donna, in hospice; Sharon’s building project, budget, stress and finding qualified subs; Joey’s lost family members and all the lost. Praise God for Easter Sunday, Jesus, the Holy Spirit among us and our praying church.

Bro. Ken's Ss 4/4/21

Prayers for Bettie Dimsdle family and foe Kay Hines and family. Ben’s granddaughter was involved in a bad car wreck going home after his funeral.
Linda Tileston’s father, Junior, his health is declining rapidly.
Praises for Harold Willis, he is now out of the hospital!!
Conley Williams is now home recovering.

Wednesday Brotherhood 3-31-21

Please pray for the Hinds family, grieving the loss of Ben; Conley and Pat, dealing with Conley’s new normal; Harold and Kelly, navigating Harold’s transplant journey in Dallas; Casey, Carol’s son, dealing with mental health issues; Sharon, stress, provision, guidance and tender mercies in spec home building project; James Parker and family, facing James’ end of cancer battle; Joey’s son, Nick, AWOL; Clayton, Warren and Kimberley’s son, dealing with mental health issues; Our nation, especially our leaders; All the lost, especially family and friends. Praise God for Resurrection week and Easter Sunday; Our praying church and Brother Terry’s excellent teaching; Our music program.

Bro. Ken's Ss 3/28/21

Prayers for Billy Davis, Jody’s brother has serious heart issues.
Ben and Kay Hinds, Ben is now on Hospice care.
Harold Willis is doing well after transplant.
Conley Williams is doing good.
Continued prayers for Becky Keefer’s brother Jimmie who is getting all the tunes removed, needs prayers for healing.
Jeff Tileston asked for prayers for the family of his neighbor Michael Dennis who passed away.
Pray for our country and the families who lost homes during recent storms. Kara Minyard’s friend, Gina Brookshire, has cancer.

Bereans Sunday School Class 3-28-21

Please pray for Harold’s continued improvement and that his body fully accepts the transplant, also for Kelly who is care-taking and for Junior and Marjorie struggling with aging issues; Also for Conley, recovering at home after his stroke and for Pat, care-taking; Jeff’s friend who is struggling; Joey’s friend, James Parker, cancer; Sharon to find a buyer for her spec home and for quality help to finish it; Ben Hinds, who is not doing well; The Dennis family, grieving; George’s mom, breathing problems and fatigue; Kenny Wilkins, breathing problems and delays in getting help; Sharon’s son, Austin, to get a job and figure out life; Anna C.’s upcoming gall bladder surgery; Brother Terry and Janeye, caring for Wanda who has dementia; Monte, struggling; All the lost, especially family and friends; Our nation, inching closer and closer to something that is not what America has been or was ever meant to be. Praise God for Alayana’s chance to witness; our praying church; our excellent teaching by Brother Terry; Springtime!

Wednesday Service 3-25-21

Please pray for Christi’s best friend, Donna, in the middle of a divorce, and for people in Canton, in the path of the current tornado; Cara’s sister, Gina, battling cancer; Sharon’s son, Austin, to find work and God; Joey’s son Nick, to recover from addictions and restore communications; Harold’s continued success from transplant surgery and improving condition; Junior, giving up; The Dennis family, grieving the sudden loss of Michael; Carol’s daughter, Stephanie, recovering from neck surgery and studying for nursing classes; Conley, recovering at home and Pat, care-taking; Ben, deteriorating and needing relief; John H.’s son, Joe, suffering from a tooth absess; All the lost, especially family members and friends; Our nation, especially our leadership; Unspoken requests. Praise God for bringing Carol’s son, Casey, and his wife Cara, to East TX; Joey’s son, Jack and his wife Danijela, expecting a baby girl (Petra) this summer.

Berean's Sunday School Class 3-21-21

Please pray for Harold, awaiting results from his current round of treatments; Conley, recovering at home from stroke; Terry and Janeye, caring for Wanda (dementia); Jim C., COVID shot reaction; Misti’s coworker, Vicki, brain bleed and family who are concerned; Clayton H., moved to Galveston (God’s grace, provision and protection); Alayana’s neice’s husband’s family, grieving loss of grand dad; Hutton’s financial, home repair and car troubles; George’s mom, Helen, diabetic complications; Trent’s home project to come to completion; Wade’s mom in occupational therapy; Pam and John’s ceiling repairs; Selena’s unborn twin grandbabies (complications in the womb); Sharon’s business decisions and finding qualified help; Austin to find work and reconnect with God; Joey’s upper GI surgery consult (in April); our hurting nation and leadership (restore us to God’s way); the persecuted church around the world; the lost; unspoken requests. Praise God for James H.’s military promotion; our praying church; Brother Terry’s inspired teaching; Springtime!

Bro. Ken's Ss 3/21/21

Jody’s brother, Billy Davis has major heart issues and is like a ticking time bomb.
Harold Willis still needs prayer for healing after having his bone marrow transplant. Linda Tileston’s granddaughter Daphne checked out good from doctors with throat issues.
Praises for Carol Minyard’s daughter, Stephanie who underwent a successful neck surgery. Continued prayers for Ben and Kay Hinds. Ben is in the hospital. Praises for Conley Williams who is now home from hospital. Prayers for our President and our country.

Wednesday Service 3-17-21

Please pray for Carol’s daughter, Stephanie, recovering from neck surgery; Reshay, PTSD counseling; Sharon’s son, Austin, find a job; Ben Fuller, on the road working for the next month; Sharon, finding qualified construction help; Ben Hinds, cancer; Conley, recovering at home; Monte, under stress; Fred and Mary’s daughter, Angela, facing complicated heart/cancer surgery; Junior, giving up, Marjorie, back and leg pain and Linda and Jeff, care-taking them; Terry and Janeye, caring at home for Wanda, who has dementia; President Biden and all of our nation for healing, restoration and right-headed leadership; unspoken requests. Praise God for Harold’s and Kelly’s stable/improving conditions.

Bro. Ken'ss 3/14/21

Stephanie Harris, prayers for neck surgery. Continued prayers for Conley Williams. Continued prayers for Ben and Kay Hinds. Continued prayers for Harold Willis and family. Linda and Jeff Tilleston’s granddaughter Daphne, is having throat problems, and Margie and Junior are still having health issues.

Wednesday Service 3-10-21

Please pray for the Horton’s son, Clayton, suffering from mental health issues; Joey’s son, Nick, isolating and AWOL over a year; Conley in rehab from stroke and Pat’s caretaking and coping with that; Jim L., Ken & Carol’s neighbor, in rehab and Carol’s daughter, Stephanie, set for neck surgery soon; The Willis’, caring for Junior, who seems to be giving up and Marjorie’s struggles with that, as well as Linda’s direction and provision in caretaking, and Harold’s upcoming transplant set for Friday; Ben Hinds now suffering from stomach ailments in addition to cancer; Monte, in need of prayer; Terry and Janeye, caring for Terry’s mom, Wanda in their home currently; Our embattled nation and all the lost; Unspoken requests.

Bro. Ken's Ss 3/7/21

Cont. Prayers Conley Williams, hopefully coming home next week. Continued prayers for Harold Willis and Kelly,, he started Chemo, preparing for bone marrow transplant next week. Margie and Junior needs prayers. Prayers for healing for Ben and Kay Hinds. Dan Jobe’s friend Jimmie Pritchard, passed away from Covid and his wife is still in hospital with Covid. Prayers for Bro. Terry and Janeye who have moved his mother in to take care of her. Pray for our church and our country. Carol Minyard’s daughter still awaiting surgery.

Bereans Sunday School 3-7-21

Please pray for Clayton, Warren and Kimberly’s son, who is struggling with mental health issues; George and Alayana, A/C is out, safety for all as the restaurant opens 100%, and for niece, Cailey, who is pregnant; Chad & Denise, visiting a new church that is opening and for support for a friend of theirs who is in need; Sharon’s spec home building project, other related projects added to her spinning plates and for her mom who has suffered multiple “mini” strokes at the nursing home; Joey’s son, Jack, and his wife, Danijela, who is pregnant approaching first trimester and living in Prague, Joey’s friend, Matt, who is suffering from cancer and lost his dad and now is questioning his faith, and another friend, James, whose cancer has gotten worse and James’ wife, Diana, who is coping with that; Harold, who started treatments for upcoming transplant and for Junior, who is struggling with life in a nursing home; The Gilbert family, grieving a COVID loss among them; The Gilbert family, grieving a COVID loss among them; The Lindley family, especially Dana, grieving Bert’s loss to COVID; Pat and Conley, dealing with Conley’s prolonged rehab and Pat’s coping with that; Our nation, military and first responders; All lost souls, especially lost family members and friends. Praise God for Misti’s friend, Renee, who is now cancer free.

Wednesday Service 3-3-21

Please pray for Conley, in rehab for the next few months, and for Pat, coping with that; Wanda’s care and dementia while living with Brother Terry and Janaye and their coping with that; Harold’s transplant and associated procedures, beginning Friday; Junior not coping well with nursing home life, and Marjorie’s coping with that, as well as Linda’s managing visits and dealing with other family issues, including sister Debbie’s peace with it all and grand-daughter, Daphne’s medical issues; Becky’s nephew, Terry, with cancer; Peggy’s sister, Shirlene, multiple broken bones from a fall; Lavina, Ken and Carol’s neighbor, stroke and her husband Jim, coping with that; Karen’s sister, Cathy, grieving the loss of her son; Our government; Unspoken requests. Praise God that Texas has lifted its COVID restrictions and opened the state for business, bless us in this bold decision.

Peggy Blair

Please pray for my 67 yr. old sister, Shirlene Hunter. She was walking her daily 2 miles on their driveway when she fell and hit her mouth and broke her right shoulder and her left elbow. Her husband was gone and found her on the driveway when he got back. They did not do surgery, but wrapped her in bandages tightly to her body. Please pray for the pain to subside and quick healing, please.

Bro. Ken's Ss 2/28/21

Prayers for healing from a stroke for Conley Williams. Continued prayers for Ben and Kay Hinds. Prayers for Harold and Kelly Willis, as Harold begins his journey preparing his transplant. Prayers for Junior Willis as he adjusts to his new home in the assisted living center. Prayers for Mary Scott’s daugher, Angela Steiner, who was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma and is M. D. Anderson hospital in Houston. And, prayers for Robin Lucas’ children who don’t know Christ as their savior. Prayers for our President and our nation. Pray for our Paster and our church.

Bereans Sunday School Class 2-28-21

Please pray for Brandon’s birthday; Chad’s travels; Brad, liver transplant; Tom H., heart attack; Kimberley, upcoming singing assignment; The Bryants, grieving loss of Chris’ uncle; The Huttons, struggling with car troubles; Guy’s finances; The Trent’s incomplete home project; Sharon’s spec house project; The Willis’, struggling on many fronts; The Clays, grieving the loss of Georgia; Joey’s friend Matt, cancer, grieving loss of dad and questioning faith; Joey’s friend James, cancer, and James’ wife, Diana, coping with that; Terry and Janaye, caring for Terry’s mom, who has dementia, at their home. Praise God for all who came through the snow storms without any serious damage or outages and for God’s provision throughout.

Wednesday Service 2-10-21

Please pray for the homeless during our upcoming cold spell; Carol’s daughter, Stephanie, neck surgery and Carol, care-taking; Ben Hinds and continued provision for him and Kay during his illness; Junior, giving up and Marjorie, in pain, and the Willis family, care-taking; Harold’s upcoming tests leading to transplant; Unspoken requests.

Berean's Sunday School Class 2-7-21

Please pray for the Clays, traveling and grieving the loss of Jim’s mom, Georgia; Storie and her son, Noble, who was taken to the ER; Harold’s upcoming tests; Junior, who is depressed; John Brust’s children; Warren’s back pains associated with his injury and continued healing; Clayton, relapse, and his roommate/friend, Andrew, who is helping him recover; Alayana, working long hours; George’s coworker suffering from hemorroids; Guy’s leg pain; Wade’s mom, upcoming medical tests; Bert Lindley’s daughter, Dana, grieving; Sharon, needing wisdom and for her cousin, Kenny, acute bronchitis; The Trent’s home project to come to a completion; School kids and teachers facing COVID conditions; Our nation. Praise God for Kelly’s good health and Marjorie doing better; Edin passing her tests; Warren’s good progress in healing and the Hortons’ home remodeling coming along well; George’s new truck and extra work hours; Sharon finding several needed construction crews on her home building project; Valentines Day.

Wednesday Service 1-3-21

Please pray for Joey’s son Jack and daughter-in-law Danijela’s unborn baby to be healthy on arrival some time this summer; Jim and Anna, traveling to Florida on the passing of Jim’s mom, Georgia, and for the family, grieving; Dwayne’s nephew, Rick, with COVID and his friend, Katie, with COVID; Pat’s friend, Myra, breast cancer; Ben and Kay, facing cancer’s end; Chris A.’s business; Our nation and world rapidly heading toward Jesus’ return and for strength in the church against the influence of the enemy rising everywhere; Unspoken requests.

Bro. Ken's Ss Class 1/31/21

Willis family, Margie is sick, Junior is in rehab, grandchildren are sick. Martha Jobe is recovering from foot surgery, and they lost a family memberMary Scotts daughter Angie is in hospital, and Fred has pneumonia. Continued prayers for John Keffer. Pray for our country.

Bereans Sunday School 1-31-21

Please pray for Harold’s upcoming transplant at the end of February; Marjorie, upper respiratory trouble and Junior, in rehab for falls; Chad, business travels; Denise and Edin, traveling for Edin’s test and for Edin to pass her test; Warren, getting a new cast on; Alayana, training new hires and her work friend Travis, whose dad is recovering from a car wreck; Wade’s mom, no appetite; Sharon’s work contact, the Luresmans, praying about moving from Florida to Texas; Sharon’s project success; Sharon’s family members, Jean, Sherwin and Tracy, COVID; Sharon’s cousin Kenny, pulmonary issues; Joey’s son, Nick, still AWOL; Kelly’s brother John, cardio problems; Linda Lee, lost taste and smell senses; Dan Jobe’s family, grieving lost of Dan’s brother to COVID; Georgia, struggling in old age; Our nation, divided and headed down the wrong path. Praise God for Kelly’s infection clearing up; Clayton, making an effort to clean up and engage.

This Prayer has been answered!

Fred Scott

Our daughter Angela Steiner has been omitted to the hospital for test.
Her spleen and liver are enlarged and a lesions on her hip. She has been in pain in her lower back since yesterday. Will try to keep the church posted

Wednesday Brotherhood 1-27-21

Please pray for Ben H. to continue having high energy days and for Kay’s step-dad who has cancer; Harold’s transplant to take in two weeks; Kelly’s staff infection to heal; Linda Lee to regain her taste and smell and for her aunt who is receiving chemo treatments; Wade’s mom, COVID, in the nursing home; Patsy Larsen, COVID; Conley’s granddaughter’s father-in-law, Don, died of COVID and family grieving; Dan Jobe’s brother, died of COVID, and family grieving; Martha Jobe’s foot to heal from recent surgery; Joey’s son Jack and daughter-in-law, Danijela, who is 2 months pregnant and living in Prague, CZ; JT moving, starting a new job and making important life decisions; Joey’s friend Bill Strong, to hear the One True God; Our fractured and fragile nation; The lost. Praise for Ben’s high energy day(s); Sharon’s steady work and early success on her home building project; our church and church family; Brother Terry.

Marilou Hicks

Sunday School Class 1/24/21
Deborah Davis sister,Renee Crouch passed away Tuesday, Jan. 21 due to complications; Jr. has fallen two times this past week, Stephanie’s father-in-law, Douglas Bellamy having surgery. Don’s granddaugher, Kaitlin Moore, health issues unidentified; Dan’s brother, Ken Jobe in hospital with Covid-19; Martha Jobe foot surgery on Wednesday, Robyn’s son, Guy, relationship issues and new job; Linda Lee’s aunt Ann McDaniel has started chemo; Jr. will be having oral surgery; Linda Tileston for patience and strength for all she is going through with all the family issues;Marilou will have steroid injection to ease the pain in her legs caused by nerves in the back

Bereans Sunday School Class 1-24-21

Please pray for Jim M., high blood pressure; Nobel, in the hospital for mental disorders; Junior, two falls in one night; Kelly, infection; Harold’s blood count to improve and pending transplant to occur; Denise’s parents, sick; Pam, losing ground; Clayton, relapse; JT, moving, new job and girlfriend’s parents who are divorcing; Joey and Sharon’s son Jack and wife Danijela, expecting a baby (in June?); Sharon’s project to be a success and the house to sell quickly; Sharon’s mom, Judy, fading fast in hospice; James P., cancer; Ben Hinds, at home in final days; Bert Lindley’s family, grieving his loss; the Lost, especially family members and friends; the sun to come out soon. Praise for Chad’s birthday coming up; Georgia’s improving condition; Jack and Danijela’s pregnancy; our loving and praying church family; Brother Terry’s good health and excellent teaching.

Wednesday Service 1-20-21

Please pray for our nation, in turmoil and under transition, for God’s guidance and mercy and protection and healing; Pat’s friend, Myra, cancer and grand-daughter’s father-in-law, Don, on life support; the Martin family, with 5 family members suffering from COVID; Deborah’s family, grieving the loss of her sister, Renee; JT Brown, out of work, ill, moving, making life-changing decisions; Travis’ family, grieving his loss to COVID; Ben Hinds, in his final days; the Trent family, grieving the loss of Bert; the Sauder family, grieving the loss of grandmother Kathy to COVID; All the lost, especially family and friends; Unspoken requests.

Bro. Ken's Ss 1/17/21

Cont. Prayers for Harold Willis as his numbers are high again delaying his transplant.
Becky Keefer’s brother in law Nick is improving..
Linda Tileston’s friend, Travis has multiple health issues as well as Covid-19 and is not looking favorable for recovery.
Deborah Davis’sister Regina Shows has extremely high blood pressure and doctors can’t get it under control.

Bereans Sunday School 1-17-21

Please pray for the Trent and Lindley families grieving the loss of Bert; Denise’s friend Dory, whose autistic son Noble was hospitalized; Andy’s mom, Sally, knee surgery; Harold’s blood count to correct so he can have his transplant completed; Kelly’s upcoming gall bladder appointment; Sharon’s mom, Judy, in hospice and decisions on moving her back to Texas; Sharon’s building project and finding subcontractors to work; Joey’s upper GI condition and a resolution to that; Brian Teter’s parents, COVID; Ben Hinds in his final days and Kay’s care and comfort in that; Our nation; Gideon missionaries; The lost, especially family members and friends. Praise God for Kelly’s improved overall health; Debbie’s Dad’s improving health; George and Alayana’s 13th anniversary; Alayana getting more help at work; George getting extra hours; Sharon’s mom being approved for Medicaid assistance.

Wednesday Service 1-13-21

Please pray for our national healing and restoration to God’s way across America; Sharon’s mom, Judy, in her last days and Sharon’s coping with that; Sharon’s cousin, Kenny, breathing problems; Sharon’s building project, finding reliable contractors; Pat’s friend, Myra, breast cancer; The Trent family, especially Pam and Chad, grieving the loss of Pam’s brother Bert to COVID; Anneice, going through medical procedures; Junior and Marjorie, aging issues and complications in care; Harold’s ongoing delays in his needed transplant operation; Karen’s sister and family grieving loss of her son, Dakota; Unspoken requests. Praise God for seeing Becky’s brother-in-law, Nick and brother, Jimmy, home from protracted hospital stays.

Bro. Ken's Ss Class 1/10/21

Anneice-healing from surgery.
Mary Lou’s brother, Paul Abney is on hospice care.
Continue prayers for Ben and Kay Hines for healing.
Margie and Junior Willis.
Junior Willis’ sister Odessa Belcher in hospital.
Patty Carter has health issues and needs prayer for healing.
Prayers for Harold Willis for healing as he undergoes cancer treatments in Dallas, and for his wife Kelly who needs our support during Harold’s treatments.

Berean's Sunday School Class 1-10-21

Please pray for Andy’s mom, Sally, awaiting surgery; Harold, awaiting surgery; Ben, in his final days; Anneice, medical procedure; Pam’s brother, Bert, COVID and on ventilator; Bobby and Frances R., Warren’s aunt and uncle, COVID; Warren’s foot, healing; George, looking for a new vehicle; Alayana’s friend, Dawn, COVID; Sharon’s mom, in her final days; Sharon’s construction project to be a success; Joey’s doctor to find cause/solution to upper GI condition; Jeff’s nephew, heart attack; Georgia, weak and recovering at home; Jim and Carolyn, COVID.

Marilou Hicks

My brother, Paul Arney, has had a heart attack and is still in the hospital not doing very well. I’m asking for prayers for the healing of his body and soul,, as he is not a christian.

Deborah Davis

Margie and Junior Willis Mother and Father to Linda Tileston.
Junior’s sister, Odessa Belcher is on hospice care, has Covid, and is not a Christian.
Continued prayers for Harold Willis as he had another delay in his treatment.
Pray for our church and our nation.

Bereans Sunday School Class 1-3-21

Please pray for Andy’s mom, Sally, preparing for knee surgery; The Appele family, grieving loss of dad to COVID; John B. daughter, going through teenage life changes; Pam’s brother, Bert, COVID; Guy, back pain; Don Hicks, recovering at home after hospital stay; Ben, challenged by weakness from cancer and needing prayer for perseverance, and for Kay, not well herself but taking care of Ben; Harold, still awaiting his transplant surgery and for the Willis family, caring for him, and Junior and Marjorie; Ben N., unspoken request; Sharon, recovering from an eye-sty, concern over her mom, in hospice in AR and her spec home project beginning this month to go smoothly as planned; Joey’s friends, James and Matt, both with cancer and Joey’s upcoming GI appointment and tests; Georgia Clay, recovering from COVID and looking forward to her 99th birthday; Warren, continued healing of his foot; All lost family and friends; Our nation, especially direction and a return to the Lord.

Bro. Ken's Ss 12/27/20

Prayers for Stephanie’s sister Kara who has breast cancer.
Continued prayers for Harold and Kelly Willis.
Daniel Carter’s friend, J. W. Terrell is on dialysis and has back pain, praying for pain relief. Carol Minyard’s daughter Stephanie having back surgery on the 5th, needs prayers for healing. Dan and Martha Jobe’s granddaughter has tested positive for Covid-19. Jody Davis needs prayer for healing from back pain. Pray for our Nation and a peaceful transfer of power.

Bereans Sunday School 12-27-20

Please pray for Harold and Kelly, waiting on Harold’s transplant to proceed; The Willis family, caring for Marjorie and Junior; Don and Marilou Hicks, recovering from COVID; Patsy and Mike S., COVID; Chad’s uncle Bert, COVID; Jim and Anna’s friend, Olga, COVID; Jim’s mom, COVID; Sharon’s mom, Judy, in hospice in Arkansas; Sharon’s construction project and for builder to finish what he starts; Warren and Kim’s son, Clayton, a job and salvation; Joey’s son, Nick, recovery and restored relationship; Joey’s friends, Matt V. and James P., cancer; Praise God for Warren’s foot healing and Warren and Kim’s son, James, back for Korea; Our nation; All lost souls, especially family and friends.

Bro. Ken's Class 12/20/20

Cont. Prayers for Bro. Terry’s health. Continued prayers for Ben and Kay Hinds. Prayers for Harold and Kelly Willis as Harold starts his treatments in Dallas. Kyle and Linda ask for prayers for Anne McDaniel and Clara Sigler, their friends who both have serious cancer. Prayers for our Nation and our President.

Please pray for Don And Marilou Hicks, with COVID and now Don has pneumonia Andy is in the hospital; Also pray for Sharon and her mom, Judy, who has been put into hospice in Arkansas; And for my friend, Matt, who has bone and liver cancer and is struggling with how God wants him to deal with it; And praises for my friend, Anne, who was cleared of her cancer recently. Thanks!

Berean's Sunday School Class 12-20-20

Please pray for Debbie’s mom, Jenny, COVID; Alayana, heavy work load; George’s truck in the shop; Ben and Kay, weak, needing God’s strength and mercy; Harold, awaiting postponed transplant surgery and Kelly, care-taking; Warren, home recovering, in pain, swift healing; Phillip, family coordinations; Jim’s mom, Georgia, COVID, pneumonia and depressed. Praise God for Georgia’s upcoming 99th birthday and long life; Sharon’s spec house project funding and construction firm coming together and prayers for success in that; Praise progress on Croley’s construction project.

Wednesday Service 12-16-20

Please pray for Mike Scoggins, COVID; Fred Scott, being tested for COVID; Ken’s brother-in-law, Jerry and wife, Loretta, COVID; the Seeton family grieving loss of Ricky Seeton; Ben and Kay, very weak and needing God’s mercy; Warren Horton, recovering from foot surgery and healing of foot; Sharon’s mom, Judy, who fell again, and for her spec house project that ran into a roadblock and her work which also ended abruptly causing much stress; the Van Cleave family grieving the sudden loss of nephew, Dakota; Harold and Kelly, now waiting on postponed transplant procedure; Junior and Marjorie, their concerns for Harold and their deteriorating conditions; God’s hand in the Georgia senatorial election; Our nation; the lost; Unspoken requests.

Bro. Ken's Ss Class

Marymount Hicks, recovering from Covid. Ben and Kay Hinds, severe health issues. Harold Willis is beginning his journey for a transplant. Daniel Carter’s Familey’s health issues. Becky Keffer grieving her Mothers death. Dakota, grandson to Ira Van Cleaf is in a coma.

Just heard from Warren Horton on his successful surgery. They are draining the wound and will release him tomorrow. Please pray for full healing and ability to walk without pain or discomfort.

Berean's Sunday School Class 12-13-20

Please pray for Harold starting his transplant journey this week and for Kelly care-taking and for his donor who will be in much pain for awhile and for Junior and Marjorie who are home-bound and concerned for Harold’s outcome; Andy’s mom, Sally, swollen knee; Story and Noble W., long-term care decisions; Becky, grieving loss of mom; Karen’s family, grieving loss of nephew, Dakota; Alayana’s school’s growing number of COVID cases; George’s truck troubles; Warren’s surgery on Monday and subsequent recovery timeline; Sharon’s spec home project and care for Judy who is in nursing/psyche ward behind COVID walls; John T., bad cold; Lost family members; Our nation. Praise God for Brother Terry’s good health report, Eden’s graduation from cosmetology school; John B.’s recovery and provision.

My nephew Dakota died Saturday evening around 6:30pm. I do not know the funeral arrangements as yet, however, continue praying for my Sister Kathy (his mother), his dad (Keith) and his siblings Dalton and Delaney. Thank you.

Wednesday Service 12-9-20

Please pray for Sharon’s mom, Judy, who fell and split her head open at the nursing home and was rushed to the ER, and for Sharon, who is stressing over what to do without ready answers and COVID restrictions limiting action; Becky’s mom at the nursing home in her final days and Becky’s grief facing it; Carol’s daughter, whose dog died this week and is grieving the loss of her dear canine friend; Ben and Kay, especially Ben’s deteriorating condition and Kay’s realization of life soon without Ben; Harold’s upcoming transplant journey beginning soon and the travel back and forth from Dallas, as well as Kelly’s health and ability to care for Harold given the long distance situation and need for help at home with Junior and Marjorie; For America, under siege from within by powers and principalities that mean to take us down through corrupt politicians and an ever-deteriorating culture and media environment; Unspoken requests.

My nephew, Dakota, who had his 23rd birthday on 12/1/20, has severe asthma and had a severe attack on Tuesday night about 8pm. He could not find an inhaler with medicine and told his roommate to call 911 and passed out. He never retained conscienceness, His heart stopped due to lack of oxygen and his brain began swelling. He is on life support at present and if he survives is expected to have brain damage due to oxygen loss of 6 to 8 minutes. They had to give him medicine to open his breathing passageways and when they tried to take him off the medicine he began having seizures and had to remedicate him. They will know more with tests at 24 hours (tonight around 8pm) and 72 hours (Friday) but it does not look good. In addition to praying for Dakota please pray for his mother Kathy, his brother Dalton, sister Delaney, and his Father Keith

Ken Minyard's Ss 12/6/20

Patty Carter still having health issues. Harold Willis, starting cancer treatments in Dallas. Merle Roger’s friend of Jody Davis, his wife is dying from cancer. Ben and Kay Hinds need continued prayers. Becky Keefer’s mother has health issues. Linda Tileston’s mother is very depressed and wants to die. Her dad is having a hard time and his sister has Covid 19. Stephanie’s cousin Stacy is recovering from a serious car accident leaving her is serios brain injuries. And she and Brandon are looking for jobs. Prayers for Bro. Terry and our country.

Berean's Sunday School Class 12-6-20

Please pray for Chad A.’s mom, swollen legs; Denise’s friend, Gayla and family, grieving loss of son and pregnant daughter-in-law killed in car wreck; Harold’s upcoming transplant and Kelly caring for him; Marjorie’s and Junior’s care with Harold and Kelly not available to help; Ben and Kay, God’s mercy, peace, comfort and healing; Pam T., strength and good health; Warren’s pending foot surgery and son, Clayton, lost and homeless; Jeff’s concrete vendor replacement; Alayana’s work, looking for night shift help and George’s truck trouble; Brandy and Marcello, trying to get pregnant; Joey’s son Jack and daughter-in-law, Danijela, trying to get pregnant; Sharon’s mom, in psych ward and not in good care or health; the Clay family, grieving Mary’s recent loss; Joey’s friends Matt V., James P. and Anne F., cancer; Our nation; COVID situation; All the lost, especially family and friends.

Wednesday Service 12-2-20

Please pray for Brandon’s grandma, Dotty Ford, returning from rehab; Daniel’s family members, Jeremy M, and Donald and Kathy H, suffering from COVID; Ben and Kay, cancer and health/life decisions and God’s peace and strength in difficult times; Conley’s brother, Jerry, prostate cancer; Brother Terry, heart procedure this week; Harold, upcoming transplant and Kelly, caring for him; Becky’s mom, in nursing home quarantine; Warren H., shattered heal and awaiting operation; Unspoken requests.

Bereans Sunday School Class 11-29-20

Ms. Ford, Brandon’s grandma, home after hospital stay; Harold’s upcoming transplant and extended hospital stay following in a few weeks and Kelly’s strength and safety through that; Marjorie and Junior, deteriorating health and care decisions; John B., sick with fever; Chad’s sister, Molly, and her husband, Donald, COVID; Warren’s delayed foot surgery, pain and Kimberly’s care for him and their son, Clayton, who needs salvation; Debbie’s mom and dad, COVID; Kaye M.’s dad, COVID; George, truck problems; JT’s girlfriend’s dad, Gary, heart trouble; Phillip, wisdom in troubled times; Anne F., cancer; James P. cancer; Matt V., testing for cancer; Joey’s doctor appointment; Brother Terry’s upcoming heart procedure this week; Ben and Kay, cancer and difficult decisions; Chris A., difficult business decisions; Lost family members; Our nation and President.

Brother Ken's SS Class 11-29-20

Please pray for Stephanie Harris, nurse in Plano hospital; Jeremy Morgan, COVID in ICU; Kathy and Donald Hunt, COVID at home; Ben and Kay Hinds; Nick K., major surgery recovery; Glean Deak, kidney cancer; Walter and Gloria Cooper, COVID; Terry Fike, heart issues: Willis family.

Bereans 11-22-20

Please pray for the Clay family, grieving and Jim and Anna, recovering from COVID; The Lee family, grieving; Tracy Nichols, COVID; Warren, successful operation on his shattered heel and rapid healing; Harold’s upcoming bone marrow transplant and for his donor, thanking God for him and for an easy go on them both; Marjorie and Junior, aging issues and hard decisions regarding nursing homes; Ben and Kay, healing and God’s mercy; The Huttons, washing machine and truck troubles; Sharon, stress; Sharon’s mom, Judy, worsening with dementia; Joey and Sharon’s friends, Anne Ferrar, cancer and Ed Doney, upcoming surgery; The Croley’s home construction to be safe and swift; Lost family members; Our nation; For hope in a dark world; For Brother Terry’s health, strength, care, direction and protection.

Wednesday Service 11-18-20

Please pray for Ben and Kay, cancer treatment, God’s peace and help in difficult decisions; Kyle Lee’s family, especially his dad, grieving loss of Kyle’s mom; Willis family, especially Marjorie’s deteriorating condition and difficult decisions on care ahead; Patti C., physical healing; Sharon Z., dealing with stress; Jim and Anna, recovering from COVID; Tracy Nichols, recovering from COVID; Warren Horton, shattered heel and fast healing; Brother Terry, God’s direction, protection and enduring strength; Our nation’s future and return to God’s way.

Bro. Ken's Ss. 11/15/20

Prayers fo Kyle and Linda Lee and family for the loss of Kyle’s mother. Prayers for Ben and Kay Hines. Linda Tileston’s mothers health is declining and her cousin is in the hospital with Covid-19 and Diabetes complications. Carol Minyards nephew Glen Deeks has health problems and needs prayer he finds salvation. Daniel Carter starting a new job to help a sick friend.

Berean's Sunday School Class 11-15-20

Pray for all suffering or recovering from COVID, including Jim and Anna; Joey’s sister, Amy and her husband, Spence; Tracy’s employee; all those exposed at Wade’s mom’s nursing home; and others across the nation. Pray for Deb’s Dad’s best friend Clifford’s family, grieving the lose of Clifford from COVID; Richard H.’s family, grieving his loss; Ben and Kay, difficult medical issues and decisions; Harold’s upcoming transplant Dec. 23; Kyle’s mom, sick in hospice; Misti’s friend, Renee, cancer and chemo; JT, broken wrist, out of work temporarily, no insurance and in financial bind; Alayana, increased workload; Alayana and George, broken washing machine; Sharon’s mom, Judy, deteriorating case of dementia and in nursing home psyche ward. Praise God for Misti’s daughter and husband finding a new home; our praying church family; Brother Terry’s excellent teaching; God’s hand over all of us.

Wednesday Service 11-11-20

Please pray for all affected by COVID, including Jim and Anna, Kyle and Linda and Kyle’s mom, Joey’s sister and brother-in-law (also lost), and others not mentioned; Ben and Kay facing difficult health issues and decisions; Becky’s brother, Jimmy, recovering from hospital stay and brother-in-law, Nick, still in ICU; Sharon’s mom, Judy, in psyche ward and deteriorating; Carol’s nephew, Glen, suffering from cancer and needing salvation; Carol, healing of her foot; Joey’s brother, Pete, out of work and lost; Daniel and Patti, recovering from illness; Our nation; Unspoken requests.

Bro Ken's Ss Class 11/8/20

Linda Tileston’s mother’s health is declining, prayers for healing. Continued prayers for Harold Willis’ recovery from cancer. Becky Keffer’s nephew Jimmy needs prayers for healing as does her brother-in-law Nick. Carol Minyard’s nephew needs prayer for his Salvation. Prayers for fast healing with her foot. Kyle and Linda Lee have COVID and need healing. Jim and Anna Clay have COVID and need our prayers. Pray for our country and our new President elect.

Wednesday Service 11-4-20

Please pray for Ben and Kay Hinds, Ben’s cancer is growing and family is praying; Kyle and Linda Lee, COVID; Dr. Gulley’s son and the family grieving his son’s suicide; Becky’s brother, Jimmy, recovering from surgery and her brother-in-law Nick, recovering from heart attack; Carol M., needing to wear her “boot” for another two weeks; resolution over our national election and the direction of the nation moving forward; Unspoken requests. Praise God for Patti C. feeling better.

Bro Ken's Ss Nov.1, 2020

Prayers for the Clay family as the grieve for the loss of Mary Columbrito. Becky Keffer’s Brother-in-Law Mick is having health problems. Sandra’s brother in Grapevine is having gall bladder problems. Linda Tileston’s mothers health is declining. Prayers for her son-in-law Brandon to find a job son. And prayers for Harold Willis to have quick healing from cancer treatments. Prayers needed for Deborah Davis’ brother-in-law who just underwent heart surgery for artery blockage. And continued prayers for our country and our president.

Berean's Sunday School Class 11-1-20

Please pray for Kelly, sinus problems; John B., work and depression; Debbie’s parents, both have COVID; Warren and Kim, Clayton is AWOL again and Kim’s mom (and dad?) have COVID; Linda Lee, COVID; The Clay family, grieving the loss of Mary; The Bateman family, grieving the loss of Bobby; Alayana & George, truck broke down, COVID at school and a tough week of work; Sharon’s mom, Judy, dementia and COVID at the nursing home; Phillip, wisdom and peace; Our nation and Tuesday’s election. Praise God that Harold’s tumor has not grown, for our praying church family and excellent teaching by Brother Terry.

Bereans Sunday School Class 10-25-20

Please pray for Harold’s upcoming tests, Kelly on the journey with him and for the Willis family caring for Marjorie and Junior; Jim and Anna caring for Mary, now moving to hospice; John B., work and depression; Eden, starting new coursework; Waller family, grieving the loss of dad (COVID) and for Anita, his wife; Turner’s kids to find a home; Albright family, grieving loss of dad in a car wreck: George’s coworker, Johnson, talking about suicide; Chad’s coworker grieving loss of dad to suicide; George and Alayana’s upcoming visit to George’s brother; Alayana’s dad and sister not coming back to church (COVID); Sharon asking for encouragement over all of HBC to return to church and reengage; Sharon’s mom, Judy, deteriorating into dementia; Joey’s son, Nick, AWOL, his cousin Nick, Tuesday shoulder surgery, his 5 family members in WI, COVID, and his friend James P., cancer; All lost souls, especially family members and friends; Our nation, election, President and Supreme Court. Praise God for George’s brother getting a better job; our freedom; our church; our pastor.

Wednesday Service 10-21-20

Please pray for Joey’s family, 5 members in Wisconsin contracting COVID, his cousin, Nick, undergoing shoulder surgery, and his friend, James, battling cancer; Monty and his family, quarantined with COVID; Anniece’s cousin, Kay, and husband, both in bad health and now with COVID; Jim and Anna caring for Mary, who is in bad health; Patti Carter and her mom, both looking for new doctors; the Androzzi girls and baby, in need of a safe place to live; Fayna B., recovering from a heart attack; Our President, election and the Supreme Court; All the lost, especially family and friends; Unspoken requests. Praise God for a good week for Sharon; Daniel C. joining the Gideons; Our praying church family.

Berean's Sunday School Class 10-11-20

Please pray for Harold, waiting on his bone marrow transplant call and Kelly, caring for him; The Willis family, caring for Marjorie and Junior, aging issues; John B., job search and provision; Allison U., bicycle accident, memory loss, hospitalized; Pam, falling behind and forgetting things; Alayanna, shoulder trouble; Sharon, patience in caring for her mom, Judy, suffering from dementia and in another state; Sharon’s cold to clear up in time for Joey’s and her trip this week, and travel mercies to and from; Joey’s friend, James P., cancer; Mary C., cancer, can’t walk, poor health and Jim and Anna, care-taking; All lost souls, especially family and friends; Our nation, President, the Supreme Court, our election and God’s mercy on us all.

Wednesday Service 10-7-20

Please pray for Ben, possible liver available and meeting with doctor on Monday; Kay, mobility and aging issues; Mary C., home from the hospital and awaiting new tests; Jim and Anna, caring for Mary; Pat and Conley’s son’s father-in-law, Sid, stroke; Shirley, healing; Casey and Carolyn, looking for a new home; Sharon, anxiety over long-distance/COVID care situation with mom, Judy, and Judy, in memory care suffering from dementia; Harold, blood not clotting and related cancer issues and decisions regarding bone marrow transplant; Kelly caring for Harold; Our national discourse, President, Supreme Court, election and justice in the current deep state investigation.

Berean's Sunday School Class 10-4-20

Please pray for Mary C., in critical condition, and for Jim and Anna, at her side care-taking; Harold, upcoming bone marrow transplant timeline and decisions; Kelly comfort and God’s peace in Harold’s journey and decisions; Chad, on the road for the Gideons; Misti’s son-in-law Tanner, starting a new job and looking for a new home and new school for the kids; Misti’s son, Colby, looking of a job; Tracy’s mom, Ann, macular degeneration, COPD, arthritis, back pain and state-of-mind with all that; Warren and Kim’s son-in-law, Alex, shipping out to Korea; Jessica’s friend, Shane, cancer; Ben and Kay, liver illness and bad leg; JT, traveling this week to Arkansas and Paris; George’s coworker’s son, depressed, in trouble and contemplating suicide; Sharon, traveling to Arkansas for friend Debbie’s mom’s memorial service and for Sharon to remain injury free on the job; Wade’s mom, UTI infection and other aging issues; Alayanna’s shoulder pain and new boss situation; Phillip, peace, health and good decisions; the Left in their confused state; All lost family, friends, et al; Our nation, President, Supreme Court and election.

Brotherhood 9-30-20

Please pray for Patti Carter, recovery from surgery; the Rosenbaum family, grieving loss of mama Jean; Mary C., in rehab, and Jim and Anna, care-taking; Pastor Babu, grieving loss of son; Ben and Kay, trying times and hard decisions regarding Ben’s liver illness; Harold, hard decisions regarding cancer, and Kelly’s continued health; the Willis family, coping with Marjorie’s and Junior’s aging issues; Mindy, liver disease and freedom from alcohol; All pastors, to preach the Truth and for strength in trying times; All the lost, especially family and friends; Our President, nation and the upcoming election. Praise God for our praying church, excellent music program and excellent teaching from Brother Terry.

Bro Ken's Ss Class 9/27/20

Linda Fike request continued prayers for her husband Terry who has serious health issues and prayers for her Daughter Marie Sterling who is having health issues. Becky Keffer request prayers for Ben and Kay Hinds who are still having serious health issues. Linda Tilleston, her mothers is having problems with stiches healing and she won’t wear her hearing aides. And, pray for Jeff and Linda as they are the caregivers for her parents. Jim and Anna Clay asked for prayers for her Mother in law Mary Colombrito who has health issues. Carol Minyard asks for continued prayers for her nephew Glen Deak who has started chemotherapy treatments and is not a Christian. We have many church family members who are having health issues and need prayers for healing Pray for Mindy Paullus who has Serosis of the Liver and is now on a ventilator. Deborah Davis asks for prayers for her sister who has suffered for years with migraine headaches and relief for back pain from having back surgery a couple of years ago. and we need to continue to pray for Patty Carter as she is still recovering for Gall bladder surgery and for Daniel who had eye surgery. Pray for our President and our Country.

Bereans Sunday School Class 9-27-20

Please pray for Harold’s blood count to improve and decisions regarding potential bone marrow transplant; Kelly’s coping in that; Mason, Debbie’s grandson, seeking Christ; Debbie’s medicine reactions; JT, two fender benders in one week and associated repairs; Ben, liver transplant or cure and Key, aging issues and coping; Wade’s mom, UTI and associated medicine reactions; Wade’s back, healing; Marjorie and Junior, aging issues and the Willis family, care-taking; Sharon to stay injury-free at work; Sharon’s mom, Judy, dizziness, falls and loneliness; Jean M., Sharon’s friend’s mom, dying; Duane, grieving loss of Lucy; Mary C., pain and loss of movement and Jim and Anna, care-taking; Chad and Denise, care-taking; Our nation, President, upcoming election, SCOTUS decision, healing and peace. Praise God for Fayna’s good health; Brother Terry’s excellent teaching; Our praying church.

Wednesday Service 9-23-20

Please pray for Ben and Kay, tough medical decisions ahead and for healing; Shirley, recovery from wrist fracture; Chloe, waiting; Mary C., stroke recovery and pain; Pastor Babu’s family, grieving the loss of his son-in-law; Becky’s brother, Jimmy, upcoming surgery; Judy’s son, heart surgery; Bill, neck pain and upcoming MRI; Randy Epps, recovery from colon cancer surgery; A vaccine to be approved for COVID; Swift approval of a Supreme Court judge; Our national election; Our President; Our nation; Unspoken requests.

Bro. Ken's Sunday School Class

Please pray for Jeff and Linda Tileston’s son-in-law’s brother Shane Dozier who is having neck surgery and is not a Christian. And Linda T. Stepanie, who is moving and Linda’s Dad who fell a couple of weeks ago. Linda is having back surgery this week, and pray for her mother who is having some health problems; Please pray for Becky Keffer’s brother Jimmy Mullins who has health issues. Kyle Lee asks for prayers for the Gideons of Wood County as they are in need of donations. Please pray for Linda Fike’s husband Terry who has health problems. Pray for Carol Minyard’s nephew Glen Deak who is not a Christian. Continued prayers for Patty Carter with health issues, and pray for Daniel Carter who is facing cataract surgery on both eyes in the near future. Pray for our Country and for President Trump.

Berean's Sunday School Class 9-20-20

Please pray for Brandon’s mom, home from the hospital recovering; Richard H., home from the hospital recovering; Wade’s mom, Parkinson’s and bad knee, Mary C., stroke and back pain; Jim and Anna, caring for Mary and discernment; Jim, traveling for doctor appointments; Robert’s grandmother, alzheimers; The Hacker family, everyone’s sick; Kimberley’s dad, David, overworking himself; Danny’s brother, Mike, heart attack; Duane, grieving loss of Lucy; Pam and John, aging issues; Jeff’s nephew, Chase, heart attack; Sharon, staying healthy on the job; Calynn, headaches; Our President, nation and election; The lost.

Bro Ken's Ss

Please pray for Dewayne Lowe grieving the loss of Lucy

Wednesday Service 9-16-20

Please pray for Ben, new liver or cure, and Kay recovering; Shirley, recovering from broken wrist; the Willis family, especially Junior and Marjorie, aging, and their caretakers; Mary C., stroke and back pain; Carol’s nephew, Glen, cancer and unsaved; Jim Clay, traveling for doctor appointments, Joey’s brother Pete, out of work and unsaved; President Trump, our upcoming election and our nation; Grace Church in California and all our churches under siege in this time.

Brother Ken's Sunday School Class 9-13-20

Please pray for Becky Keffer’s brother, Jimmie Mullins;
Patty Carter, Sam Williams, and Donovan Cheek; Carol Minyard, a nephew named Glen Deak (not a Christian);
Linda Tileston. Her mothers back surgery recovery, and her daughter Stephanie, and Linda Willis’ friend Jill Green and her brother Jerry Vestal.

Berean's Sunday School Class 9-13-20

Please pray for Junior and Marjorie, aging issues and the Willis family caretakers; Dana B., coming home from time at the hospital; Warren’s uncle Bobby, struggling with aging issues; Richard H., Jeff’s friend, pnemonia; JT’s aunt’s friend, Joey, in a coma; JT’s aunt Brenda, COVID; Guy’s friend, Mitchell, prostate cancer; Kathy and Vinnie, isolated with health issues and in trying times; Sharon’s mom, Judy, deteriorating mentally, and Sharon’s patience in dealing with that; Mary C., stroke, and strength for Anna, caretaking and for Jim’s patience; All churches in America, especially in CA, where the government is attempting to shut them down; Against the power of Satan across our nation, especially in attacks on police and influence over BLM, as well as COVID, striking fear in people who don’t have COVID, and for those who do have it. Praise God for Harold’s good blood report, Joey’s steady business, our praying church and Brother Terry’s excellent teaching.

Wednesday Service 9-9-20

Please pray for Shirley, recovering at home with broken wrist; Ben Hinds, new liver or cure; Mary C., pain and complications with meds; The Willis family, especially Harold and Kelly in medical decisions; Becky’s brother, Jimmy, kidney complications; Chris Bryant, COVID, and family; Joey’s son, Nick, AWOL; Sharon’s mom, Judy, settling into memory care facility; Linda and Jeff’s daughter, Stephanie, in California wildfire path, and all in that path; Our national election; Our churches nationwide; Unspoken requests.

Berean's Sunday School Class 9-6-20

Please pray for Duane and the Lowe family, grieving the loss of Lucy; Alayana, sick; Phillip, job search and for the kids to sleep through the night; the Daugherty family, grieving the loss of son, Nate, in an accident and dad, recovering from a heart attack; Mason, Debbie’s grandson, seeking Christ; the Croleys, completing construction of their home; John’s friend’s daughter, leukemia; Mary C., continued pain and complication with meds; Mary C.’s friend, Olga, heart trouble; the Willis family, especially Harold and Kelly, health, and Junior and Marjorie, aging issues; Sharon’s mom, settling in to memory care and Sharon’s state of mind through that, not able to visit with COVID restrictions, and her pending building project to succeed and healing from sinus infection; Larry Y., growing in Christ after coming to Him recently; Joey’s son, Nick, AWOL; Anniece, personal matters; Chad and his family, COVID; Jessica and her family, COVID; All people struggling because of COVID, related restrictions and an end to COVID; Restoration across our nation; God’s hand in our election; Grace Community Church in L.A., under liberal siege; Lost family members; Unspoken requests.

Wednesday Service 9-2-20

Please pray for the Lowe family, especially Duane, grieving the lost of Lucy this week; Judy, Sharon’s mom, transitioning to long-term memory care facility and for Sharon’s stress in all that; Ben Hinds, for a new liver or a cure; Anna’s mom, Mary C., back pain and complications from meds; Jessica B. and Chad T., diagnosed with COVID and in quarantine; Marjorie, back pain and now cancer carcinoma above her eye; Harold, upcoming medical visits and tests, for clarity in next steps; the Deupree family, in times of trial. Praise God for Joey’s friend Larry Y. coming to Christ and pray for Larry’s growth in faith and understanding.

Wednesday Brotherhood, 8-26-20

Please pray for Sharon’s mom, Judy, to have a smooth transition to long-term care facility and for minimum stress on Sharon in that process; Chad and all the Gideons traveling into COVID quarters, especially for Elton G. and David S., who contracted COVID as a result; Mary C., back and spine pain, complications from meds and discernment for Jim and Anna on what to do next; Lucy and Duane, with Lucy held in the hospital for heart complications and Duane not being able to be with her; Harold, low blood counts creating problems and for discernment on next steps and for Kelly as the primary caretaker; Junior and Marjorie, limited mobility and aging issues and the Willis family caretaking them; Jessica, sinus infection and awaiting results from COVID test; Don and Marilou, homebound in quarantine due to threat of COVID and Don’s weak heart; Patty C., shingles and associated pain; Freedom of personal choice in our healthcare options; All in the hurricane’s path and first responders; Our national election and unrest nationwide associated with BLM.

My friends young daughter is in the hospital in Dallas not sure what’s wrong but it’s bad !
He is the owner of Moe’s pizza near Holly Lake .

Bereans Sunday School 1-24-21

Please pray for Jim M., high blood pressure; Nobel, in the hospital for mental disorders; Junior, two falls in one night; Kelly, infection; Harold’s blood count to improve and pending transplant to occur; Denise’s parents, sick; Pam, losing ground; Clayton, relapse; JT, moving, new job and girlfriend’s parents who are divorcing; Joey and Sharon’s son Jack and wife Danijela, expecting a baby (in June?); Sharon’s project to be a success and the house to sell quickly; Sharon’s mom, Judy, fading fast in hospice; James P., cancer; Ben Hinds, at home in final days; Bert Lindley’s family, grieving his loss; the Lost, especially family members and friends; the sun to come out soon. Praise for Chad’s birthday coming up; Georgia’s improving condition; Jack and Danijela’s pregnancy; our loving and praying church family; Brother Terry’s good health and excellent teaching.

Wednesday Service 8-19-20

Please pray for Anneice’s great grandson, Atlas, surgery; Linda Fike, surgery, and Terry, care-taking; Linda T.’s daughter in CA, wildfires; Harold, upcoming bone marrow tests; Ben, new liver or healing and Kay, renewed appetite; Phillip, job search; Pam’s grandson, Michael, joining the Marines; Janna V., hospitalized, multiple illnesses; All teachers and students returning to school; All military; All first responders and medical staff; Our nation and the upcoming election; Unspoken requests.

Bereans Sunday School 8-16-20

Please pray for Harold’s blood counts to improve and upcoming bone marrow and COVID test; Cameron C., job search; Woods family, grieving loss of Patty, who now in heaven; Kim and Warren’s son, Clayton, emotional issues and their coping with that; Alayana’s family coming for a visit and her and George coping with that; Alayana’s niece, Kaylee, a healthy pregnancy; Alayana’s car trouble; Alayana’s sister, drifting away from church; Sharon’s mom, Judy, in psych ward and what to do with Judy next, and Sharon’s stress in that situation; Sharon’s son, Austin, unmotivated with no plans and wandering from the church; Joey’s son, Nick, AWOL; John B., depression and job search; Mary C., pain; Ben, liver transplant or healing and Kay, renewed appetite; Rosaline, grieving loss of her dad; Anneice’s brother-in-law, illness; Brittany, accepted Christ and now being tested; California, planning to ban church assembly; unspoken requests; our nation; the lost. Praise God for Kelly’s improved health; JT, joining the church; Alayana, checks finally coming in; Sharon’s business picking up.

Marilou Hicks

Our granddaughter and family who are serving as missionaries in Brazil are asking for prayers. Ashley is pregnant with their fourth child and is having some health issues. Also she is missing her home and church family back in East Texas. She realizes they are God wants them to be but she said it is much harder on her than what she had realized it would be. Please keep the Burnett family in prayer that God will give them strength and encouragement.

Marilou Hicks

Disciples Class 8/9/20
Greta for taking care of Fudy and her Mother; Don expressed thanks to everyone for their prayers and assistance in Mark’s memorial service;Kyle’s Mother fell and broke her femur; Lynda asked for continued prayers for her parents; Ken advised of Betty Boyd’s passing; Linda File will have stomach surgery on 8/21; Becky John’s memory issues are getting worse; Marilou long-time friends Don and Mary as Don has Alzheimer’s and continuing getting worse.

Wednesday Service 8-12-20

Please pray for Ben, a new liver or healing; Kay, regain her appetite; Shirley, wrist fracture; Sharon, stress in dealing with her mom long distance and for her mom, Judy, in a psych hospital for observation; Mary C., back pain; Robert and Pam, dealing with her upper respiratory illness; The Brister family, grieving the lost off Janie; Marjorie, back pain and Junior, aging; The Willis family, caring for Marjorie and Junior; Merle B., stroke; Our nation, its direction, the upcoming election, and protection from Satan’s work in our streets, in our media, in our halls of government and on our ballots; That our churches stay strong through the upcoming storms; Unspoken requests.

Bereans Sunday School 8-9-20

Please pray for Pam, patience; Sharon, discernment and for her mom, Judy, mental health issues and deteriorating health, need for full time nursing care; Mary C., pain management; Alayana and George, hosting Alayana’s family for an extended visit; Alayana’s dad, cut himself, stitches; Chris F., cut himself, stitches; George, pulled muscle; Chad, business travels; John, depression and job search; Junior and Marjorie, aging issues; Wade’s mom, in a nursing home; Betty Boyd’s family, grieving her loss; Teachers and kids returning to school this week; End of pandemic; End of unrest across our nation; Unspoken requests.

Wednesday Service 8-5-20

Please pray for Betty Boyd, on life support; Kyle Lee’s mom, broken hip; Shirley, broken wrist; Ben, liver cancer; Kay, surgery recovery; Mary C., lower back pains; Sharon’s mom, Judy, nursing home placement and Sharon’s work stress due to complications with Judy; Nancy’s sister, Phyllis, colonitis; Alantis, wisdom teeth removal; Alyssa, job search; Austin, job search; Bailee, job search; Junior and Marjorie, aging issues; the Hicks family, grieving loss of son, Mark; all who are actively working to destroy our country or being used by these people to achieve those ends. Praise God for resuming our Wednesday services.

Marilou Hicks

Disciples Class 8/2/20
Martha, friend Janice is out of the hospital; Linda, Russell Christian is in hospital with infection from ant bites, in a lot of pain; Patti’s uncle passed and service is scheduled for Tuesday; Don’s granddaughter Kaitlyn has several health issues; JoDean brother, Jerry Vestal fell off ladder and broke both legs just after moving to SanDiego, is in hospital; Lynda, Junior now has possible dementia, Marjorie is more calm but still suffering with back pain. Likes both ladies who are their caregivers. Hicks family as they are having a memorial service for Mark on Aug. 8

I just want to tell everyone at church that I am blessed to be around such loving people.
You are my family to me . I feel welcomed and loved every time I attend church. I pray for everyone and their needs. I pray for brother Terry and Chad and all the leaders of the church . I know Gods is with us every Sunday we gather I feel his presence among us.

Bereans Sunday School 8-2-20

Please pray for a good outcome on Phillip’s EMT test; John, struggling for work and provision; Sharon’s mom, Judy, dementia, UTI, upcoming surgery and Sharon’s stress dealing with all of it long distance while also trying to get her business going; Sharon’s son Austin and his girlfriend, Bailee, out of work; Joey’s son, Nick, AWOL; Jan, Jeff’s friend, dementia; Brandon’s grandma, surgery, and her caretaker, in the hospital; Chad, business travels; Elaine, vacation travels; Junior, dementia; Marjorie, bad back; Harold, coping with Junior and Marjorie and his blood treatment coming up this week; Robert H. and his son, Carter, diagnosed with COVID; George, broken tooth; Mary C., pain; Ben, cancer and Kay, recovering from surgery; Shirley, broken collar and wrist; Betty Boyd, heart troubles. Praise God for Joey’s busy work schedule; Kelly’s improved health; the baptism today of Brad, Joshua, Josh and Cason; our praying church; Brother Terry’s godly teaching.

Berean's Sunday School Class 7-26-20

Please pray for Sharon, pressures and stress from taking care of mom and work complications; Joey’s son Nick, AWOL and brother Pete, out of work and his live-in girlfriend, Kimberly, recovering from COVID, both are lost and in need of salvation; Ben and Kay, cancer and recovery from surgery; praise God for Kay’s successful surgery; Wade’s mom, aging and grieving; Pam and John, aging issues; Isabel and Maria’s Houston trip and Maria’s current stress issues; Phillip’s upcoming EMT test; Alayanna, patience and middle school security drills; George’s coworker tested positive for COVID; Brandon’s mom, Fayna, arthritis and lupus; Reshay, facial surgery; the Gor family, grieving loss of Marlene from COVID; Lake Fork pastor, Dennis, diagnosed with COVID; Harold’s blood count to normalize; Junior and Marjorie, aging issues; Praise God for Kelly’s good health reports; Pray for Ken Goodson, illness; Betty Boyd, heart trouble; Ingerson family, grieving loss of Charles; All lost family members and friends; All COVID victims and for world healing from COVID.

Marilou Hicks

Disciples Class has requested prayers for Fred and Mary for travel, Lee and Mariola for travel, Meals for the Hinds, Linda’s son, Josh Drew has Covid19, family is quarantined. Lyndas’ parents have home health now seven days a week. Carol got good report from her colonoscopy. Marilou having a seamus cell carcinoma removed on Tuesday Patty’s uncle who was 98 years passed with Covid 19. Daniel had a CScan on Monday and has not received results yet


Please pray for the upcoming school year for teachers, parents, students and for administration across districts making decisions for their schools. Also, my marriage to be restored.

Bryan & Wendy Stanford

Pray Bryan’s Mom gets to come home soon.
And pray my daughter summer
And my son Michael
Will be touched by god .
To be reunited to want to be a family with me again

Anneice Seeton

Please be in prayer for the Ingerson Family, Mr. Charlie Ingerson passed away this morning. Visitation will be Friday 6-8 at Croley Funeral Home in Hawkins. There will be a private graveside service on Saturday morning for the Family only.

Bereans Sunday School 7-19-20

Please pray for Ashton’s friend, Andy, moving to a new place; Harold’s fluctuating blood counts to correct; Brittany, going through a divorce; Misti’s son, Colby, lost his job, looking for work; Clayton, lost his job, evicted, looking for work; Kim and Warren coping with Clayton; John B., struggling, looking for work; Ben and Kay, cancer and surgeries; Charlie I., in hospice; Sharon’s family, grieving loss of Aunt Helen; Roper family, grieving loss of son, suicide, a friend of Terry Fike; Pete and Kimberley, Pete, looking for work and Kimberley, diagnosed with COVID and struggling with rare liver disease, both need salvation; Mary C., pain; John and Pam, coping with aging; Williams family, grieving loss of Charles; all lost family members and friends; the international COVID situation; senseless violence in our streets; our President; Brother Terry. Praise God for Junior and Marjorie’s new caretaker, Brittany; Kelly’s renewed good health; Sharon found a truck; HBC nursery’s been repainted; our praying church family.

Please be in prayer for our sweet Ms. Betty Boyd. She was in hospital last week and was supposed to come home yesterday, Sunday. Not sure of her issues, but she wanted everyone to know where she was on Sunday morning!!!

Berean's Sunday School Class 7-12-20

Please pray for Harold’s friend Daryl W., COVID-19 infection; Harold’s upcoming blood test; Junior and Marjorie, added help on weekends and major decisions regarding their care; Praise God for Kelly’s wellness and improved health; Pray for Alayana’s injured fingers; Ben & Kaye, cancer, surgeries; Phillip, completing his EMT paperwork and test; Randy Epps, recovering from fall and newly detected spot on his lung; George’s family, accepting Alayana; Joey’s family, lost and unsaved; Sharon’s mom, losing her memory and continued provision; Sharon’s work, looking for a truck; Mary C., back pain; Our nation, unrest, COVID, upcoming elections; Praise God for his tender mercies in hearing our prayers.

Berean's Sunday School Class 7-5-20

Please pray Harold, declining blood counts; Kelly, speedy recovery and praises for successful removal of tube and less pain and opportunity to share Jesus; Phillip, EMT certification; Miranda, seizures caused brain damage, pray for her and her family and for Ashton’s invitation to her to join us on Sundays; John B., getting back to work and complications due to COVID restrictions; an end to the pandemic and related restrictions; the Rose family grieving the passing of Jim Rose; Sharon, getting her mom placed and settled in Arkansas and her business plans, delayed on account of complications with her mom, and praise for her son Austin settling into his new place; Randy Epps, recovering from broken back and shoulder after falling off a roof and for his family’s provision; Alayana’s in-laws to be more accepting of her; Mary C., various health issues; all lost family members and friends; all first responders, military and medical personnel dealing with troubles across America and the world; unspoken prayer requests.

Berean's Sunday School Class 6-28-20

Please pray for Kelly’s upcoming procedure and Harold’s platelet levels to come up; Junior and Marjorie’s homebound condition, peace and provision; the Horton’s construction project; George & Alayana’s plumbing problems and Alayana’s older sister to take responsibility for herself; the Bryant’s upcoming vacation travels; Sharon’s stress over her mom and business and for her son Austin’s travels to HLR; Mary C.’s pain to dissipate; Elaine’s travels; Rick Burch, broken ribs, punctured lung and cancer; Ben’s liver condition to abate and Kaye’s upcoming back surgery; Wade’s dad’s neighbor, Jim, transitioning to a nursing home; the family of the woman who died in the car wreck off 155 recently; All those facing aging issues at the end of life; All COVID victims; All lost family members and friends; American in distress; our President; Unspoken requests. Praise God for our church family and Brother Terry’s excellent teaching and leadership in these times.

Marilou Hicks

June 21 and June 28, 2020
The Willis Family
Ben Hinds diagnosed with liver cancer
Kay Hinds back surgery scheduled for early July
Linda Fike -upcoming endoscopy
Becky Daughter Ginger and all who work in nursing homes and care for Covid-19 patients and those who have been exposed
Don and Marilou have 4 grandsons and a daughter who are first responders.
Linda Tileston retirement on June 26
Daniel and Patty Carter doing better
Martha – Friend Janice Young has been moved out of ICU No other information available at this time
Carol – Rick Burch was on his way to have his trach removed and fell and is suffering with numerous injuries.
Daughter Stephanie and Becky’s daughter Ginger
Carol and Ken’s friends, Reba and Lisa
Kelley Willis goes into hospital in the morning to have surgery
Harold’s numbers have dropped.

Bereans Sunday School 6-21-20

Please pray for Kelly, upcoming medical procedure; Harold, low blood counts; Junior and Marjorie, aging issues; Kelly’s brother, Jon, heart troubles; Ben and Kaye, surgeries; Jeff, work search; John, struggling; Wade’s mom, grieving; Chad, business travels; Mary C., pain; the Clays, traveling; Sharon, moving her mom to Arkansas and stress over new business venture; Barbara, falling spells; lost family members and friends; all fathers. Praise God for Robert fixing Pam’s fence; Eden’s career plans panning out and gainful employment; our praying church family and Brother Terry’s excellent teaching.

Marilou Hicks

Disciples Class June 13, 2020
Welcome to our new members, JoDean Sherrill, and David and Peggy lair. We also welcome our visitors, Fred and Mary Scott.
Becky’s daughter and all who work in nursing homes and are affected by the Coronovirus.
Danny said Patty is doing better but still recovering from gall bladder surgery.
Geana’s , in O.C. breast cancer has returned.
Martha has a good friend, Janice Young, with sepsis and pneumonia and is on a breathing tube. they are lifelong friends.

Bereans Sunday School 6-14-20

Please pray for the Hicks family, grieving the loss of son, Mark; the Willis family, Harold’s low blood count, Kelly’s upcoming surgery and AC being out in this hot month; Junior and Marjorie, his aging issues and her back aches and related pain; Lee Smith, prostate cancer; Edin, perseverance; Colt, entering UT Tyler; Warren and Kim’s sons, James shipping out to Korea and praises for Clayton getting a job; Alayanna and George, soreness from construction project; Sharon’s mom, Judy, living arrangements in Arkansas and related complications, Sharon’s spec home project, financing, progress and direction; Joey’s son, Nick, adrift; Reid, shipping off to Marine boot camp; Fayna Beard, pain; Mary C., pain; John M., poison ivy; All lost souls; All first responders and healthcare workers.

I just want to give thanks to all the people at Hainsville Baptist. I pray for everyone and for Brother Terry. I feel that when I am there I am in the presence of my savior Jesus Christ !!! I never pray for wants but my needs and I have a lot right now. I honest don’t how I make. But I pray and Jesus has never let me down. I pray and trust and believe he will provide for me. I don’t worry or get anxious but I know he will provide for me. My life has been a real struggle for me many hardships but it’s made so close to my lord Jesus. I pray for this sick world my kids our country !! I so glad I live in East Texas because most are Godly people. I pray for people and hearts turn to Jesus !! Again I love our church and the people their you are my family for a man that has very little. Everyone on this wall are in my prayers believe have faith and Jesus will provide for your needs

Marilou Hicks

Disciples ‘class May 31, 2020
Linda and Kyle Lee’s son-in-law for safety in police matters
Linda Tileston keep her parents in prayer
Don Hicks pray for his son, Mark
David Blair – pray for our nation
Daniel Carter – wife, Patty
Marilou Hicks – her son, Lee
Jeff Tileston – Walt Wood having radiation
Becky Keffer- her Mom, daughter and all people who are in nursing homes
Don Hicks – grandsons and familes who are in police work

Marilou Hicks

Disciples Class June 7
Don and Marilou Hicks in loss of their son, Mark on June 1,2020
Daniel Carter – Patty is recuperating following gall bladder surgery
Linda Tileston- Please keep her parents and Kelly Willlis in prayer. Her parents may not be able to return to church. Very sad. They will be missed by all.
Don and Marilou had to put their 14 year old fur baby, Sarge, down on 6/2/2020

Please pray for Sharon jumping through bureaucratic hoops to enroll her mom in the nursing home in Arkansas. She’s there now feeling very frustrated. Also pray for Judy, who does not want to come back after returning to her home town in Arkansas. Thanks.


Please life up Lee S in prayer, he has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer asking for the Lord to guide the doctors treating his cancer during this trial, and give Lee and his family peace, healing and perseverance that only comes from God.

Bereans Sunday School 6-7-20

Please pray for Wade’s family, grieving the loss of his dad, and for his mom, in the nursing home, suffering from dementia; Mary C., back pain and health issues; Sharon’s mom, Judy, going to a nursing home: Joey’s son, Nick, adrift in his faith; Chad’s former boss, Steve, seeking and for Steve’s daughter, Danielle, diagnosed with lymphoma; George, bee sting, and for George and Alayanna’s plumbing problems and government checks to come through; Kelly’s aunt Edith’s family, grieving Edith’s passing away and Kelly’s upcoming medical procedure; Harold’s upcoming check up and care-taker duties; Junior and Marjorie, aging issues and declining health; Hope’s father, Marlin, a police officer and all officers in the line of fire during these troubled times; Misti’s aunt Linda, losing her home; lost family members and friends. Praise God for Brandon’s grandmother, Dotty, getting out of the hospital; the Hutton’s receiving a new storage shed; Alayana’s improved health; Sharon’s business plans panning out and her son Austin’s return to Texas.

Please keep our nation in prayer during this time. We are at war against powers and principalities. We need healing. We need our nation to turn back to the One True God. Pray for justice. Pray for peace. Pray for God’s hand in our upcoming election.

Please pray for me. I struggle a lot with being single. Please pray that Jesus Christ will help me find a wife. I need God’s mercy and grace. Thank you for praying for me I truly appreciate it.